East Area Rapist / Original Night Stalker

  • Years Active = 1976 – 1986
  • Rapes = 50
  • Kills = 10


  • White man
  • Average height
  • Slim/athletic build
  • Early 20s (time he started)
  • First victim’s description: The assailant wore a light colored dirty white or gray mask with as noticeable seam down the front. It had holes only for the eyes. It was tight fitting. He wore a black T-shirt. He was not a large man, about 5 foot 9 inches, lean. He weighed about 160 pounds. He might have had dark hair, as the hair on his legs was dark. His legs were muscular, but lean muscular. His penis was unusually small. The gloves were dark. He never took them off in her presence. She estimated he was about 20 to 25 years old. He spoke as though he had laryngitis: angry whisper through clenched teeth, barely moving his lips under the mask.


  • Stalked his victims to learn routines/living situation
  • Broke into home beforehand when no one was home
  • Prepared for the break in by unlocking a window or door
  • Left behind/hid tools (i.e. shoelaces) to later tie down/secure the victim(s) 
  • Night of the crime, walked or biked to the home, sometimes after hopping the neighborhood gate; once inside, acted “like an unassuming, ‘normal person’”
  • Broke into homes in the middle of the night when victim(s) were sleeping
  • Aggressively confronted victim(s)  either a single female or both a man and woman 
  • Shone flashlight into the victims’ eyes upon entering the room
  • Wore ski mask 
  • Armed with a gun or large butcher knife
  • Always wore gloves  was careful about fingerprints
  • If a male was present, he insisted that the female tie up the male
  • Would then bind the female himself and reinforce the restraints on the male
  • Would persuade the victim(s) that he was only there to rob them
  • Would ask where the money was, where the female’s purse was, etc.
  • Would request that the female accompany him in order to find those items
  • Once separated, would tie up the female in another room and stack dishes on the male’s back so the crash would alert him if he tried to get away
  • Male was then forced to lie there and listen to girlfriend/wife get raped and potentially killed; thrived off emasculating the male and having total control over female
  • Often toyed with victims by stopping mid-attack to eat their food or search for things that were personally meaningful to the victims (and not necessarily of high monetary value) for him to take with him (possibly as trophies)
  • When finished, would leave victims tied up/blindfolded to wait in fear while he slipped out 
  • Was always highly prepared with a foolproof escape route
  • Sometimes would call the victims days after the attack to torment and threaten them.

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