Tongue Prints

While fleeing the scene after a bank robbery, an unknown woman attempted to run out of the building, but couldn’t get the door open fast enough, and accidentally ran into it face first. The part of the door she hit, however, had a clear surface, which left behind distinct residue from her face when the two made contact.

Security cameras showed that her mouth was open when her face hit the door, leading detectives to conclude that the residue left behind was actually from her tongue. After careful analysis, experts confirmed that her tongue print could be lifted from the surface of the door, which like fingerprints, are completely unique, and exclusively tied to just one individual.

After tracking down other leads on the case, detectives narrowed down their suspect list, and compared their tongue prints to the print left on the door. Low and behold, one suspect’s tongue perfectly matched the print from the crime scene, which ended up being the linchpin in court that led to her conviction.